The Glass House

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In twenty years this rote thriller will probably be nothing but a minor entry in Sobieski's filmography. Rating: 5 out of 10.

201-Words-or-Less Film Review

This is Daniel Sackheim's entry into the nice-new-person-in-our-lives-who-turns-out-to-be-psychotic genre. Like any other fairly formulaic genre film, it needs some pretty darn interesting plot twists to set it apart from the rest. Or at least some good doses of humor or character development.

The Glass House opts for character early on. The setup of Leelee Sobieski's character, Ruby Baker, and her little brother, works surprisingly well, and had me sucked into the story. Or should I say suckered. Because the second half was entirely plot-driven and predictable.

Sigh. It's yet another case of A-list actors (including Sobieski, Diane Lane, Bruce Dern, and several others) wasted on a B movie. Fairly effective score, also, focusing on pretty piano during the emotional moments and strings not too badly overdone for the tense scenes.

Great-looking movie, with some serviceable drugged-out type camera effects and generally nice production values. But these also are wasted on the lackluster story and plot. All buildup with no payoff.

One more gripe: if Ruby is supposed to be sixteen, why is the camera leering at her bikinied body? Sure, everyone is saying Sobieski is a young actress to keep an eye one, but I don't think that's what they mean.

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Year: 2001
Director: Daniel Sackheim
Running Time: 106 minutes
Rating: PG-13 for "sinister thematic elements, violence, drug content and language."

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