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Toby Baldwin
Don't Cry For Me


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in memory

Click here for the lyrics and more information.

If you haven't seen the lyrics to "Don't Cry For Me," I invite you to visit the link above to see them and the details of when and why I wrote them.

Since Jackie Engle posted the lyrics on that page, I have been receiving messages from people who lost a loved one to a DUI-related accident or some other untimely death. Thanks to all who wrote for your kind words. Your messages were often very sad, but I was grateful to know that my words had meant something to you.

Many have asked to use the lyrics in a presentation, on their personal web pages, etc. I have always said yes, and anyone reading this who wants to use the lyrics is welcome to them. I only ask that you attribute the words to me on the page, and please include a link to my e-mail address (either "" or "") so others can write me.

Thank you and God bless you!


"I read your poem on and i just wanted to let you know that it was a beautiful poem. My mom died by a drunk driver."

"You don't know me, nor I you, but I lost a beautiful little girl to suicide three weeks ago and while hunting some words to comfort, I ran across your poem. Just wanted you to know I love it. It spoke to my heart."

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